At its best, Reiki is a way of life and do – a way to spiritual growth

Reiki kanjimerkein


The Japanese word Reiki means spiritual energy: the word Rei stands for spirit and Ki means life energy.

Reiki was developed by a Japanise gentleman Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926) as a healing treatment and a road to spiritual development. Reiki can be transferred from one person to another. Reiki is easy to learn and easy to use. During a Reiki treatment the healer is a channel: thus the healer does not use his ⁄ her own energy or will, but instead channels Reiki energy from outside to the person being treated.

Apart from the Reiki treatments, Mikao Usui’s Reiki is a larger entity. It is a lifestyle which encompasses several areas:

  • spiritual practise
  • healing techiques
  • doing voluntary Reiki work
  • preserving the original traditions without altering them in any way.

Altogether all this is a way of life (do). By following this do people can help not just themselves but the whole world.

Simple traditional healing method

Anyone can learn to treat himself ⁄ herself – and also others – with Reiki. Nowadays Reiki is known and used worldwide irrespective of religions, politics or nationality. Reiki has nothing to do with religions or politics. Reiki is based on giving and sharing. Reiki is about love and distributing universal energy.

Reiki is for everyone

Reiki is meant to be shared and taught to anyone willing to learn it. By treating oneself and keeping up the spiritual practises anyone will learn to find new energy and harmony from within. The more regularly Reiki is used, the more natural it feels. Also treating others becomes more and more natural.

Reikihoitaja hoitaa asiakasta

Learning to know oneself

The foundation of Reiki is to treat oneself, and the positive effect of Reiki treatments is easy to recognize. During the study of Reiki a regular meditation is taught the way Mikao Usui used to do it. Meditation relaxes and balances, strengthens the feeling of wellbeing and gives energy. Regular meditation also helps to learn to know oneself, facilitates dealing with emotions and controlling them: thus it reduces stress and supports health. Scientific studies also support meditation as a very positive promotor of general wellbeing.

Teaching Reiki

It was clear for Mikao Usui from the start that Reiki was meant to be shared and taugh to other people. In Japan Mikao Usui taught Reiki during the 1920’s to both men and women. There are three levels of learning in the Mikao Usui’s Reiki:

  • level 1: shoden
  • level 2: okuden and
  • teacher lever: shinbiden.

Reiki can be transferred

Anyone can learn to treat with Reiki. It is vital that the attunements (Reiju) are done correctly and in the correct order. When this ”channel” to use Reiki has been opened, it will stay open during all lifetime: it will not disappear and no-one can take it away or ”cancel” it.

The effects of Reiki

Reiki increases the sensitivity in listening the inner intuition, which helps to understand the essence, meaning and origin of for example illnesses and hardship in life. Many describe this development as sensing the increase in joy of life, harmony and creativity. The deep sense of relaxation the client experiencs during a Reiki treatment releases stress and dissolves blockages that prevent energy from flowing freely. Thus the natural healing process speeds up, pains and aches reduce and the energy level increases.

Who can be treated with Reiki

Reiki is an extremely gentle treatment method which cannot hurt anyone. Reiki can be used for anyone and in whatever situation in life. The person being healed receives exactly as much energy as he ⁄ she needs and is capable of receiving in that situation. Children and animals are particularly sensitive to Reiki and know exactly how long they want to be treated – both children and animals also visibly enjoy Reiki.

A traditional method

Reiki is a valuable gift to the human kind. When using Reiki anyone can understand its power and influence. It is therefore very important to preserve and teach onward the Mikao Usui’s Reiki in its original format and manner. There are many kinds of energy treatments worldwide: however, the word Reiki should be connected solely to Mikao Usui’s original healing method and tradition.