Reiki courses

The goal of Reiki courses is to ensure that the student learns by practising to naturally and skillfully use the traditional treatment methods taught by Mikao Usui. Reiki has profound influence on people: the learning process and the new issues that surface from within can easily become a turning point in the student’s life. Therefore the teacher carries a lot of responsibility, and has to be able to explain and support the student’s growth process.

It is advisable to spend some time looking for the suitable teacher before enrolling to a Reiki course. Learning Reiki is a unique and personal process where the teacher is a key person. Therefore it is important to meet the teacher in person and know among other things how long the teacher has been practising and teaching Reiki, how does the teacher describe Reiki, in what way the teacher plans to teach Reiki, and also who has taught the teacher you are thinking of choosing.

It is very important to clarify and make sure that the level one course is taught on two separate days, and that the same applies for the level two course. None of the Reiki courses can ever be taught by distance (for example over the internet), or without any personal teacher contact and instruction.

It may facilitate the choosing process if you meet the teacher ⁄s for example during one of the regular Reiki evening group meetings, and ⁄ or book a Reiki treatment from the teacher ⁄s. By following your intuition and common sense the suitable teacher will come along and you can trustingly study Reiki.

Contacts for further information

Within Usui Reiki Ruoho ry association the following persons can be contacted for further information:

Kaisu Sutinen

Mobile: +358 40 585 0623
Location: Helsinki

Janne Tiukkanen

Mobile: +358 400 341 340
Location: Helsinki